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Orca Action Month

Orca Action Month 2020 is going *virtual*!

Join us to celebrate the 14th annual Orca Month!  Last year, Orca Month became Orca Action Month to focus on direct action for the iconic Southern Resident orcas.  This year, to keep our communities safe and healthy, we're still focusing on action, togetherness, and community engagement - we're just moving the festivities online!

There are 72 Southern Resident orcas remaining in the wild.  Orca Action Month is all about coming together and engaging people in actions to support their recovery and the health of the ecosystems that help orcas (and us) survive.

Help us share their story!


Our theme this year is Orca Love - sharing and spreading our collective love for the Southern Resident orcas!

Be part of the online community with individual daily actions, and join us for weekly fun virtual events!

30 Days of Action for Orcas

We're taking Orca Month online in 2020!  Join WDC for 30 Days of Action for Orcas - individual, independent actions you can take to help Southern Resident orcas by raising awareness about this unique community, improving the health of their ecosystem (or your local environment), and supporting positive policy change to ensure their recovery.

Be an Orca Hero and share your Orca Love with 30 ways to celebrate, support, and raise awareness about Southern Resident orcas.  You can do one action, do them all in one day, skip around and pick your favorites – however you want to join the celebration!


Share your actions and photos on social media with the tags #OrcaLove #OrcaMonth & #OrcaHero – and don’t forget to tag us!  We’re working on some awesome thank-you gifts for people who show the most #OrcaLove!


Download your very own orca action calendar here.

Virtual Events

Orca Craft Time!

Get your creative craft on every week with WDC.

Wednesday noon PDT/3pm EDT

WDC Facebook Live

Orca Month Happy Hour!

Grab a happy beverage of your choice and join us as we chat with local breweries about how they support the health of salmon and watersheds!

1st and 3rd Friday (June 5th and 19th) at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT

WDC Facebook Live

Orca Movie Night!

Ginger, get the popcorn!

Movie and tech TBD but it will be awesome - and we'll chat about orcas and answer any questions live!

Saturday, June 27th at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

WDC online -  Kast

Conservation Canines - Orca Poop!

We'll check in with our favorite orca researcher, Dr. Giles, and our favorite orca-detecting doggo, Eba, about the CK9 program and what they learn from orca poo.

Friday, June 12th at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT

WDC Facebook Live


Test your orca and ocean knowledge (and probably some other whales, too!) with WDC!

Tuesday, June 23rd at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

WDC Facebook Live

30 Days of Action for Orcas

Every day during the month of June we have fun, cheap and easy actions that you can do to help orcas. The more you do, the better your chance is at winning gifts!

Snap a picture of your action, tag us, and use the hashtag #OrcaMonth, #OrcaHero & #OrcaLove

30 Days of Actions for Orcas

Looking for more?

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Southern resident orca
SR - Colleen

Join WDC and our partners for *virtual* Orca Month 2020 events

Attend online events throughout June to learn about this endangered community of orcas and how you can help save them from extinction.

Help us protect Southern Resident Orcas

Because of you we have been able to secure a critical habitat for the Southern Residents and ensure they have food, but our work is not over. Donate today to make sure that we can continue protecting this critically endangered species.

How it all started

Started over a decade ago by our friends at Orca Network, Orca Month raises awareness of endangered Southern Resident orcas and the need to help them recover to a healthy population. The celebration has taken many forms - and this year we're going virtual!