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Educational Resources

Let's learn about whales and dolphins!

It doesn't matter if you are a classroom teacher, homeschool educator, or parent looking to entertain your kids, we've got you covered with educational and fun opportunities to help all ages learn about whales and dolphins.

We also offer virtual presentations that you can share with your classroom! You can pick out one of the topics that we covered in our Facebook Live streams or do a Q/A with a marine biologist! For more details, email us at

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    For those that just enjoy coloring, Lisa Joan Art has some beautiful coloring pages that you can download!

    We have a new challenge for students to further their at-home learning AND become ocean advocates.

    Become a Dolphin Defender!

    The program is perfect for kids of all ages (younger kids may need some help from someone older) and you get a fun certificate from us at the end!

    Do you think a whale could fit in your driveway? Try it in our activity where you can measure out the lengths of different species of whales to visualize how truly big they are! This is great for all ages but younger kids may need some adult help!

    Download it here.

    Patterns can be found everywhere! Check out this fun scavenger hunt that you can have at home finding patterns that can are in both our oceans and around our house. Perfect for remote learning.

    Download it here.

    Grades 1-5

    What do humpback whale flippers and wind turbines have in common? A lot more than you would think! Learn all about biomimicry in our fun activity sheet. Biomimicry is looking at everyday things and seeing how nature influenced it.            Grades 5-12

    Download it here.


    We are so excited to offer both of our activity books to keep you occupied! Dive into the world of Southern Resident orcas and learn the story of Coral, the humpback whale, all while doing some fun activities!


    Bring whales home to you!

    Watch our video and learn about the cool marine creatures that live in the Gulf of Maine!

    Want to use this video as a learning activity? We made a worksheet to go with it, which includes questions for grades 1 -12!

    Download the worksheet

    Last year, we went live on Facebook Live and talked whales! The fun and interactive live stream were over a variety of whale topics and you can still watch them all up on our Youtube page or on our Facebook!

    Topics have included baleen, species spotlights, photo identification of humpbacks, biomimicry, story book readings, crafts, mythbuster sessions, introduction to policy, and more!

    For additional educational fun, you can download some correlating worksheets.

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    Thank you to the Jessica Rekos Foundation and the Sheehan Family Companies for supporting our education initiatives!

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    Amazing facts about whales and dolphins

    Dive deeper into the world of whales and dolphins and learn more about their lives.

    A humpback whale pokes its head partway out of the water, a behavior called spyhopping
    two dolphins diving down out of the water
    Northern Resident orca, Fife, swimming at the surface
    Breaching North Atlantic right whale

    Facts about whales

    Amazing facts about whales, the largest mammals to live on Earth.

    Facts about dolphins

    From the orca to the tiny vaquita, learn more about these creatures.

    Record breakers

    Whales and dolphins hold some incredible records.

    Brain power

    Just how intelligent are whales and dolphins?